stills in search of a movie

Julie Jacobs' latest photographic series, Stills in Search of a Movie, emits the melancholic alienation distinctive to her style. Each isolated "still " represents a narrative unto itself--a sudden realization of betrayal, the quiet contemplation of a next, all-important move, an abrupt confrontation with a past. These stills grow in intrigue as players in two interwoven stories. Is it Love that drives the search here to locate a daughter? And is Love the motivator as a man turns to crime? What would Raymond Chandler surmise? Grouped as a whole, the 18 stills produce a compelling synergy, a kind of fluid movie greater, and more engaging even, than the sum of its parts. Both film noir's Golden Age and Edward Hopper's oeuvre are inspirations for this unsettling series, in which nightfall heightens mystery, transforms the ordinary, and casts its magical illusion.